Deep chocolate tones resonate throughout
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  • Roast Level: Medium
    Aroma: Brandied fruit
    Flavor: Milk chocolate, raisin and sweet nut
    Acidity: Soft
    Body: Robust
    Finish: Dark chocolate

  • Farm:  Multiple small family farms within CEPCO 
    Region:  Oaxaca

    Altitude: 900 m
    Varietals:  Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Typica
    Harvest:  December
    Production Method: Washed 

  • In 1989, the Mexican government stopped all funding of its coffee industry, sparking a severe financial crisis for small family farms. In response, the Oaxacan State Coffee Producers Network (CEPCO) was formed to help the thousands of indigenous coffee farmers scattered throughout the state of Oaxaca. Most of these farmers own fewer than 5 acres, making their individual yield quite small and their access to international markets difficult.

    CEPCO now coordinates 34 community organizations actively working to improve both the quality of the coffee and the quality of the farmers' lives. Proceeds from the organization's Fair Trade certified coffee help fund technical assistance, life insurance for members, access to credit and infrastructure improvements. CEPCO also provides marketing support to bring this wonderful coffee to the rest of the world.