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  • Tasting Notes
  • Harvest Notes
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  • Roast Level: Light
    Aroma: Orange
    Flavor: Raspberry, honey and cashew
    Acidity: Bright
    Body: Velvety
    Finish: Lemon

  • Farm: COOPAC Cooperative, Kabirizi Washing Station
    Region: Kabere, Northern Province
     1500 - 2000 m
    Varietals: Bourbon, Mayaguez
    Harvest: February - May
    Production Method: Washed

  • Rwanda, “the land of a thousand hills,” has always had the altitude and weather for growing outstanding coffee. But recent major investments in washing stations - which Rwanda lacked until 2004 - have helped bring out extraordinary flavor notes and make Rwanda’s coffee exports highly sought. The best coffees we bring from Rwanda typically feature fresh fruit flavors reminiscent of apples or berries and this coffee from the COOPAC cooperative is no different.

    Coffee from COOPAC caught our attention not just because of the high quality, but also COOPAC's demonstrable commitment to environmental and social sustainability as evidenced by the reuse of waste by-products as fertilizer and the construction of a local school and health clinics. Nestled on the steep volcanic slopes of Rwanda's Northern Province and processed solely through the Kabirizi Washing Station, this coffee represents just a small unique selection of the Fair Trade certified coffee grown by the COOPAC farmers of Kabere Village.