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"A stunningly juicy, deeply rich, chocolaty cup, pleasingly complicated by notes of mulberry and almond brittle."

Ken Davids, Coffee Review June 2021

  • Tasting Notes
  • Harvest Notes
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  • Roast Level: Light
    Aroma: Floral
    Flavor: Blackberry, almond and cocoa 
    Acidity: Tangy
    Body: Silky
    Finish: Baked apple

  • Farm: Multiple family farms of Sambewe AMCOS Cooperative
    Region: Songwe, Mbozi
     1616 m
    Varietals: N 39, KP 423
    Harvest: June - August
    Production Method: Washed

  • Longtime Lexington Coffee fans know that we just love coffee from under-the-radar Tanzania. What's not to love? Beyond the great flavors, Tanzania has a rich coffee history that likely traces back to the sixteenth century when ripe cherries were boiled, smoked, and then chewed! Fear not if brewing a cup is more your style  -- these days Tanzania puts out coffees that are complex, tangy, and often pack a fruit punch -- exemplified by this excellent microlot from Sambewe AMCOS Cooperative.

    In the surrounding villages of Sambewe, in the Mbozi district of southwest Tanzania, four local farming groups joined forces in 2018 forming the Sambewe chapter of AMCOS cooperative. Today Sambewe AMCOS represents more than 440 small family farms, all of whom share one central processing station. Here, the process of sorting and depulping begins and often runs long into the night, resulting in backlogs in production. For this reason, these farmers are keen to build a new central processing unit, in addition to investing in warehouse renovations and biodiversity conservation.